Gates / Garage

Vorty Net is a Bluetooth cloud based proximity reader / controller that allows or denies a selected smartphone to unlock the electric strike of any door, or any electromagnetic lock, automated garage door, motorised gate or barrier. It is easy to use, and the innovative set-up works as a cloud-based service. 

It can be easily installed as an external connection for automatic garage or gate controllers. Controller has an external Bluetooth antenna for increased range till 15 - 20 meters.



How to install Vorty for automatic garage door or gates

  • Connect the Vorty reader leads to a 12 V - 24 V supply which is used for gates / garage controller.
  • The automation for a garage door or gates has an external connection for wall buttons, etc. Find those contacts marked on the gates / garage automation controller or read the controller manual.


  • Connect the Vorty reader relay terminals to the garage door or gates as control elements.


  • Download the Vorty Master (administrator) Key app
  • Launch the Master app and set up and pair device
  • Setup to use an app for gesture control and create Key shortcut
  • Make a gesture or tap the shortcut on the phone screen to trigger a garage door or automated gate


Vorty for garage door and gates package includes:


  • 1 pcs Vorty Net cloud proximity controller unit for gates / garage (with extended range antenna)
  • 1 pcs manual