Where can I install a Vorty device?

You can install the Vorty Bluetooth proximity reader to work as an electronic trigger for electromagnetic locks and electric strikes on doors; automatic garage doors, gates, and barriers; or any other device that uses an electrical connection to operate.

What is the biggest advantage of the system?

While customers traditionally activate and revoke access control cards in-house, Vorty’s mobile credential system enables users to outsource this time-consuming, costly task to a cloud service. By doing so, customers no longer need to issue and distribute physical cards. Users can manage mobile digital keys with Vorty instantaneously and free of cost, sending secure electronic keys to anyone, from anywhere, at any time. Vorty is perfect for controlling access rights for employees, visitors and vendors. 

Is it compatible with Wiegand?

Yes. Vorty’s Wiegand compatibility enables it to work with all existing access control systems, allowing users to upgrade existing card systems or continue using a preferred access controller interface.

What types of user interfaces do you offer?

We offer the Vorty Master app and a web interface, both of which are cloud based. Users can access existing contact lists on their smartphones, invite new users with SMS messages, issue and revoke digital credentials, set up times for credentials, monitor device power, and create Wiegand codes.

How do users open doors?

Users can open doors or gates with gesture control by shaking their smartphones (which kind of seems like magic). Users can also open doors through the app.

Where is your cloud storage based?

We use Google cloud. It offers secure, reliable storage and allows customers to conveniently set up and manage users through existing Google accounts.

Do you use Wi-Fi?

No, we do not. We use Bluetooth for setup and control. However, we introduce the "illusion of an Internet connection" to the device. Users’ phones facilitate the exchange of information between the device and the cloud over smartphones Bluetooth and internet connections. This allows users to install Vorty as a reliable standalone system in remote areas, enables simple installation without the need to set up Wi-Fi on devices, provides complete control through the cloud, and creates an online auditing trail. This is a revolutionary approach in access systems.

Is your device an access controller or reader?

It is both and neither of these things—it is part of the Internet of Things. The device is a Bluetooth proximity reader, and it provides control through users’ phones and the cloud itself. Everything in the system shares access controller functions while remaining Wiegand-compatible with existing access systems. Therefore, we named it the Vorty Net device.

Does it need batteries?

No, it does not. It uses a low voltage supply system provided by the user.

Which smartphones are compatible with Vorty?

Our philosophy is that the system should not be limited by technology. Vorty has been fully tested on Android devices, and we are developing an iOS app. We are also planning to release a Windows phone app in the future.

How complicated is Vorty installation?

If you know what “normally open” or “normally closed” mean, you can likely install Vorty with no problems. You only have to connect four leads: two for the low-voltage power and two from a relay. The device is designed to stand alone and to be installed at a single entrance, but it is also an Internet of Things device that can be included in large installations as a part of an integrated cloud system. 

Do you use Bluetooth?

We use a Bluetooth signal to identify the user and set up the device.

Do you use Bluetooth 4.0?

No. We do not retrofit deadbolts. Vorty is powered from the mains; therefore, we are not forced to limit users to Bluetooth 4.0, which is a low-energy system. 

Why Bluetooth instead of NFC?

First, despite the growing availability of NFC on smartphones, all phones have Bluetooth. Second, NFC only works over very short ranges, a few centimeters at most, and it cannot be used for applications over any distance. A Vorty device can be placed conveniently inside a door, making it a perfect vandal-proof solution for all smartphones; this option would not be possible with NFC. You can use the Vorty Net Gates edition for garages or gates where larger working distances are essential.

How near do I have to be and how far away can I go to unlock my door, gate, or garage?

The Vorty Net device comes in two versions. For the standard indoor package, we use a low-range antenna that typically works for 7–8 meters (approximately 22 feet). A lock installed inside and near a door works over a range of 0.5 meters (1 foot, 7 11⁄16 inches) to 5 meters (16 feet) outside the door. The construction materials affect the range. In the gates/garage package, the Vorty Net device comes with an antenna that increases the distance to 15–20 meters (50–65 feet) along a direct line of sight. You can decrease and increase the Bluetooth power used by the device, which greatly affects the range.

How do I know no one else can use my app key?

We put a lot of thought into the security of your new keys. Because the app itself is freely downloadable, it is not unique. It simply offers a shortcut to access your phone’s hardware-based unique Bluetooth signal for a short time and provide a "handshake" to the Vorty Bluetooth proximity reader, showing that the electronic key has been received through the cloud. We use a double-check approach based on the electronic key and your phone’s physical BT address. This combination of approaches ensures that no one can get your virtual encrypted key from the device unless you physically give them your phone. 

Can I give keys to my houseguests for only one or two days?

You can activate digital keys through the cloud service to provide permanent access rights or rights that only work for specified times and dates.

How does the app affect my phone’s battery charge?

Each time you activate the Vorty app, your phone opens an active Bluetooth connection for 5 seconds. This has a negligible impact on your phone’s battery charge.

What if my smartphone battery is not charged?

Because Vorty is designed to be a supplementary option, you can still use your existing key, proximity card, or keypad in most cases.

How do you set up the keys?

To set up a new key, use the Vorty Master app, which you can download from the Google Play store or our web page (www.vorty.eu). It is free to use, and it features a simple, intuitive style. You can also use the Vorty web interface to set up keys.

What is a master key?

The first registered user receives a master key or administrator rights. Only the user with the master key can issue subsequent keys for the same device.

What if I lose the master phone or it breaks? How do I reinstall the app?

You still have web access to the Google cloud with full administrator rights, so you still have full control. When you change the master phone, you must use the same Google account to obtain full control.

Are upgrades included?

Yes, future upgrades of the Vorty Master app are included.

How fast does it react when I perform a gesture or tap the app to open a door?

How quickly the door opens depends on how fast your phone is and how well Bluetooth operates in your area. Normally, it takes about 0.1 to 2 seconds for the device to trigger after you perform a gesture or tap the key widget.

Does connecting Vorty to a garage door or gate controller disable your existing remotes?

No. You can keep using your original remotes.